Thursday, May 15, 2014

Unfinished Business - Part 2

Hi everyone!
Here's the second part of my "unfinished business" XD

Chapter 147
Prologue Part 1  -  Prologo Part 1

English ->   RAR   -   PDF   -   Read
Italiano ->   RAR   -   PDF   -   Leggi

pw: emeraudeworks

As always thanks to Airbag888 and Limonrj for their help!

And with this, Volume 21 is now complete:

 English ->   RAR   -   PDF
Italiano ->   RAR   -   PDF

These and the other chapters are also in the archives.

See ya!!



  1. both chapter 147 english downloads are PDF!

  2. Finally i have all of your releases for Volume 21.
    Actually i have all of your releases since ch 72.

    Thank you for the hard work till now and in the future!
    Thanks once again and see ya.